Due to the dramatic and rapid rise in COVID-19 cases we are suspending all in-person worship. We will instead provide online resources for our worship including all Christmas Eve/Day services. If you would like to receive an email with all the links to worship with us online, please use the CONTACT US feature on this website and provide us with your email address and we will send those links to you. This is not what we hoped for your Christmas services, but even still we know that in the midst of this, God is Emmanuel, God-With-Us, and that is something to celebrate indeed!


We are unable to process volumes of clothing donations at this time, please make other arrangements to drop off donations at other organizations. Sadly, if you leave bags of clothing and other donations at the church or parish house we will have to dispose of them through the garbage. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We hope that we will be able to operate our Clothing Depot at full capacity when the pandemic is more under control.

The work of the church continues and as followers of Jesus Christ we are called to support that work. Please consider donating to the ministries of St. James and help us continue to live into God's call to us.

What Newcomers Can Expect at St. James

When you arrive for worship at St. James, whether it's Sunday morning or Wednesday evening, you will receive a bulletin to guide you through the service, the entire service is printed in the bulletin and is easy to follow. On Sunday mornings you'll also receive a hymn book. We generally dress casually for services. Children are always welcome and are a joy to have with us, so please don't have anxiety about noises or movement, we understand and are happy you are there.  After the service you are invited to join us in the parish hall for refreshments and conversation.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and that helps you know that you belong.

Special Notices

For weekly events please keep scrolling down

Christmas Day Service at 10 am

Christmas Eve Services

Join us for Christmas Eve online! We've pre-recorded two services with Trinity Aurora which can be found here:

Family Christmas Eve:5:00 PM.

Christmas Eve: 7:30 PM.

Christmas Day Service at 10 am

Christmas Day Service at 10 am

Join us on Zoom as we celebrate Christmas with morning prayer. Please use the CONTACT US feature on this website to ask for the Zoom Link.

Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year!

Christmas Day Service at 10 am

Bible Meditation via Zoom

Join us every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 2 pm  for this time of Bible Meditation. We will be looking at the gospel for the week, reading it through a few times and meditating on some simple questions. All are welcome to join. If you have not had the email link sent to you, please you the contact form on this website to request a link. 

Christmas Day Service at 10 am

In person worship is back! Here's what you need to know.

Worship looks a little bit different than it has in the past. We've put systems in place to ensure that everyone who comes stays safe and physically distant. We encourage everyone to get the vaccine if they are able!

Christmas Day Service at 10 am

The Digital Resources Continue

All the digital resources we've developed since the pandemic began will continue to be made available including:  

  • Zoom Evening Prayer (3rd Friday of the Month at 7 pm)
  • Zoom Coffee Hour every Sunday at 1:00 pm
  • Links to St. James Cathedral Service Sundays at 11:00 am
  • Links to Trinity Anglican Church, Aurora Sundays at  9:15 am 

Check out our YouTube Channel Here:

Christmas Day Service at 10 am

Zoom Evening Prayer (with Prayers of Concern)

Every 3rd Friday of the month at 7 pm we meet online via Zoom for a lovely and simple service of evening prayer followed by a period of intercessory prayer where we name and pray for the thoughts and concerns which weigh upon our hearts. All are welcome. Message or email us for the Zoom link. 

Regular Events

Join us any time for one of our weekly and monthly events!

Yoga with Elaine Jackson  Wednesdays at 10 am 

These  classes are suitable for all levels and people who’ve never taken a yoga class before. We will emphasize gentle stretching, body awareness, breathing , balance and beginning meditation techniques. 

Clothing Depot and Food Closet

We provide clothing and food (groceries that are mostly non-perishable) for free to anyone who needs it. We are open every Wednesday from 9:30 am to 12 pm. (In the house next to the church). Volunteers and clients always welcome. Donations can be left in the donation box beside the house.

Anglican Church Women (ACW)

The Anglican Church Women (ACW) is a ministry that affirms the gifts of all Anglican women and gives them an opportunity to contribute through worship, learning and service. The ACW ministers to church needs as well as to issues affecting the wider community, such as health, education and poverty. Membership is open to all Anglican women.

The ACW at St. James meets regularly on the Third Monday of the month at 7:30 pm 

Study Group

Our Study Group is currently on hiatus

WE ARE: A Safe Place (for LGBTQ youth & friends) Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7:30 pm ( SUSPENDED DURING PANDEMIC)

This is a safe space for all LGTBQ youth between 12-18 years (older youth serve as mentors), and their friends. It is an informal gathering space for young people to find support and build friendships and community over treats from our Rainbow Cafe (in the Parish Hall). Please check out the website here, or follow us on facebook here, or instagram here.  We also have a group for parents and adult supporters that meet at the same time as the youth group, but in a different location (the Parish House)

Visits to the Newmarket Health Centre &
Newmarket Residence (2nd Thursdays)

Every second Thursday of the month we visit our friends at the Newmarket Health Centre (on Eagle St) for a service at 10 am. Later in the day, at 2 pm we visit our friends at the Newmarket Residence (on Davis Dr, quite a ways east of the 404) for a service followed by pop and cookies. These are both really meaningful visits both for the residents and for the volunteers. Please consider join us for one or both!